Why do some businesses thrive and become successful while yours isn’t?

To foster a healthy business growth, you need to generate compelling new ideas, sustainable business models, attainable financial projections and targeted business development plans that will make huge significant impact in your business. And sniper’s Marketing.

The surest money making machine starts with having a business. And That is what BusinessIQ Masterclass will help you create

The BusinessIQ Masterclass is 6 hours intensive training on the fundamentals of building successful businesses, evaluating market opportunities, communicating business value and risks, and pitching new growth initiatives. The overall objective of the BusinessIQ Masterclass is to expose you to the not so common amazing secrets and strategies to creating and building money spinning businesses

Who should attend?

  • Employees who are tired of 9 to 5 jobs and want to take control of their time and money
  • Individuals whose businesses are struggling to make profit
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build formidable businesses
  • Business owners who want to grow their profit margin
  • Those who are stuck in their businesses and don’t know what to do
  • And lastly, those who are just curious to know the secret to wealth

What to expect

  • The statutory and functional definitions of business management
  • Steps to turning abstract ideas into businesses
  • 3 golden rules of business you must not break
  • 4 significant areas of your business that must work on autopilot
  • Sniper’s Market: the uncommon strategy of leveraging on the traditional and new age marketing
  • Mental Money: How to create and attract wealth with your mind
  • The 3 signs that you will become a millionaire
  • Understanding the money making system and where you belong in it
  • 4 money mountains to wealth creation

 How to attend the Master Class

Send mail to info@businessiqonline.com to get a seat for the next BusinessIQ Master Class