Vol 2. No 10 – Udoka Uju

Far away in the Middle East, there is a painter. Her name: Nataly Hachem. She is a Lebanese painter who lives in Lebanon where wars are constantly on and off. But she enjoys painting. When she paints, she feels trapped in a world of her own creation; a place where time does not exist. She paints in such a way that the ugliness of this world, with its problems and wars disappear. And what is left is joy, calmness, peace and harmony.

Joy, calmness, peace and harmony is exactly what Udoka Uju leaves behind once she is done with her painting. Unlike Nataly Hachem, Udoka is from Nigeria. She doesn’t paint on canvas, but on walls of homes, offices, worship and recreational centers.

Udoka, young and beautiful, took the path less travelled by many when she decided to quit a lucrative job in one of the leading banks in Nigeria, only to embrace the brush to paint the walls of residential and commercial houses.




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