Vol 2. No 3 – Charles O’Tudor

His name is a brand. His build is intimidating. His walk is brisk. His handshake is firm. And his gift of oratory is articulation in constant motion. This handsome and stylish power dresser, if in Ancient Rome, would be tagged a demigod of branding. His rise to the top of the branding and strategy industry in Nigeria can only be described as a creative hostile take-over. In this one-on-one interview with Charles O’Tudor, you will discover his story; his journey and his climb to becoming a brand oxygenator.



Product Description

BusinessIQ online magazine is the fastest growing and largest circulating business magazine in Africa. It interviews and tells the stories of successful business leaders to inspire would-be, budding and established entrepreneurs in Africa. Our long term goal is to inspire 1 billion entrepreneurs in Africa.


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