Vol 2. No 6 – Chris Parkes

There are two kinds of wars. One is internal and is fought by a man with his own unseen demons. Like Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, in Shakespeare’s great Play who contemplated for hours whether to kill his uncle, Claudius, or not. The other kind of war is external and is fought between two parties, or more. Like the ongoing battles between the United States and Al-Qaeda in Iraq. These altercations whether internal or external happen because of some form of disagreement that was never resolved. Most times, in these conflicts, casualties and deaths are inevitable. One party loses; another wins. However, there is yet a third kind of war. In this war there are no casualties or deaths. Weapons include pens, papers, plans, and figures. It is fought gentlemanly by different commandos standing, perhaps, in front of a selected audience. And only the warrior with a lion’s heart and the gift of gab wins the battle. This battle is fought by all business men and women, but it is much more pronounced in the marketing and advertising world. It is in this controversial world of constant battles that Chris Parkes chose to pitch his tent. In this one-on-one straight talk with Chris Parkes, you will discover his lifelong secrets to winning his battles in the boardrooms and country where he found himself. Subscribe to read more. Add to Cart.



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