Vol 2. No 7 – Bruno Oaikhinan

Impeccably dressed in an expensive dark suit, armed with a black briefcase and driven by a chauffeur, you can tell that such a person is a Wall Street Lawyer, Stockbroker or a dignified Banker. For Bruno Oaikhinan, he was a banker brimming with high hopes until the unexpected happened—he and two of his colleagues were asked to willingly resign.

The bankers-turned-unemployed couldn’t handle the shock; they died shortly after. But for Bruno, he gradually climbed out of self-pity and chose to start from the bottom to the top. He decided to open a barbing Salon. Maybe this business idea came out of the use of blade and comb as haircut tools when he was growing up. Or he perceived it won’t cost him a fortune to start such business. Whatever it was, Bruno was willing to give it all it takes. He hired a tutor who also taught him how to style hair for women. Click to download full interview



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