Vol 2. No 8 – Abisola Longe

Vol 2. No 8 – Abisola Longe

Czar, also written as Tsar was associated with Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia. It was his reign that saw the fall of the Russian empire from being one of the foremost world powers, collapsing the military and the economy of the country. However, after some years, Czar was accepted as an informal title for certain high-level officials in the United States and the United Kingdom. Today, Czar has become a terminology for describing a very powerful person in a particular business or activity. It is a way of describing someone who is an authority in a particular field. And that is what Abisola Longe has turned herself into—the productivity czar.



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BusinessIQ online magazine is the fastest growing and largest circulating business magazine in Africa. It interviews and tells the stories of successful business leaders to inspire would-be, budding and established entrepreneurs in Africa. Our long term goal is to inspire 1 billion entrepreneurs in Africa.


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