Vol 2. No 9 – Tochukwu Mbiamnozie

History documents the names of ordinary people who chose, against all odds, to be extraordinary. It documents the names of great inventors, scientists, philosophers, artists, poets, teachers, business owners and host of others. These people did not only stretch themselves beyond normal, they changed and still changing the way we live. Like Leonardo da Vinci who painted Mona Lisa, Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin, the Wright brothers—Orville and Wilbur—who built the first airplane and Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web. To this list of ordinary-turned-extraordinary people is yet another young man who left the shore of Nigeria for United States for one purpose—to make a significant impact.



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BusinessIQ online magazine is the fastest growing and largest circulating business magazine in Africa. It interviews and tells the stories of successful business leaders to inspire would-be, budding and established entrepreneurs in Africa. Our long term goal is to inspire 1 billion entrepreneurs in Africa


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