Vol 3. No 1 – Ade Adefeko

Renovatio. This is a Latin word which when translated means—renewal, resurgence, rebirth.  There have been many renewals and rebirths in mythology and history.

First to come to mind is the rebirth of the phoenix. An ancient Greek / Egyptian mythical bird which lives for over a thousand years before disintegrating into flames and to arise from the ashes of its demise, reborn.

There was Europe in the 14th – 17th century. In Italy especially, when the philosophy of the renaissance spread its wings and took flight. The Italian / European renaissance was a time of intellectual flowering and creativity in the arts and governance. The renaissance imbibed the learning of classical Greece. Its philosophy was the opening of man’s mind in different fields of endeavour and the achievement of excellence. It was an age of exceptional artists, statesmen, and thinkers. It was an age of greatness.



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